We invite you to delight in the Gift of Light when you drive by 34th and Jackson in Joplin, Missouri, and see our dazzling 22-foot Christmas Tree, lighted house and grounds throughout the holiday season. Share your Gift of Love by clicking “Donate Now” to help keep families close while their ill or injured child is being treated at our local hospitals.

Your Gift of Love

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Four States believes that when a child is sick, the entire family needs comfort and support. Our programs give a family with a sick child what they need most – each other.

Become a Gift of Light, Gift of Love donor today! Your gift will help families with an ill or injured child the gift of togetherness and keep them near the care and resources they need to thrive.

We are a tax exempt, nonprofit organization established as a 501(c)(3) and donations are tax deductible.

Thank You for Surpassing Our $225,000 Goal!


Or send your Gift of Love to:

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Four States 

P.O. Box 2688

Joplin, Missouri 64803

The Gleason Family

“We have been so blessed by those around us who give, love and support us well, and we want to do whatever we can to help others experience that kind of love.”

“We didn’t know much about the Ronald McDonald House, and we live in Joplin, so we didn’t think we needed it. It turned out to be the biggest blessing. They welcomed our family with support and comfort, and provided a sense of home while our daughter Gracelynn was in the NICU, and again 3 years later when our son Lennex needed the NICU’s extra care.

“Because Ronald McDonald House offers a home-like atmosphere, during our second stay, Gracelynn was able to get a nightly bath like normal, have breakfast and dinner together with us as normal, and have playtime both indoors and outdoors. Some families may think they can’t bring their younger children – that it will disrupt their life – but being with their parents is that child’s normal.”

The Gleasons are just one of many families who have called Ronald McDonald House their “home away from home” while their seriously ill children were being cared for in the hospital.

Please consider making a Gift of Love this holiday season to help future families in the Four-State Area find comfort, support, and joy at Ronald McDonald House or the Ronald McDonald Family Room in Mercy Hospital Joplin.

Thank you for Keeping Families Close!


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We give special thanks to the many individuals and organizations who put in extraordinary time and effort, or offered resources to help make our 22nd Annual Gift of Light, Gift of Love Tree Lighting Celebration possible:

The Gleason Family  ▪  Paula Giltner  ▪  Philip & Amanda Mitchell  ▪  Gary & Teresa Brown  ▪   Craven Media  ▪  Freeman Health System Grounds & Maintenance  ▪  Andrew Greenwood  ▪  Mary Greenwood  ▪  Resonation  ▪  Dave Smith as Santa Claus

A Glimpse into our Tree Lighting Event

Oh what fun it was to host our Gift of Light, Gift of Love Tree Lighting Event and Open House at Ronald McDonald House of the Four States on November 11th! Thank you to everyone who joined us in the festivities. Please enjoy a video capturing some of the special moments we shared together and be sure to drive by to see our holiday lights at 34th and Jackson in Joplin.


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